10 years of Spreading MODness

Kids helping at a meal packing event

We make pizza so we can serve people — we call it Spreading MODness. It’s the ripple effect of simply doing the right thing. Things like helping those in need, giving second chances, having someone’s back…or feeding those most vulnerable.

This is not a pizza place.

Sure, our pizza is amazing. We love to make it and we love to eat it. We’re proud of our food. But for us, what’s really important is making an impact on the lives of those we serve in our communities. As we celebrate 10 years of Spreading MODness this month, we are committed to continuing to use our pizza as a platform.

What does “pizza as a platform” mean?

Well, it can mean a lot of things. From extending employment opportunities to those oftentimes overlooked to supporting causes like suicide prevention and feeding kids struggling with hunger, we are always looking for ways to impact communities through the work we do.

One big way we do this is through our partnership with Generosity Feeds, an amazing organization working to help end childhood hunger.

Picture at a meal packing event

Together, we are scaling our impact by creating meal-packing events in MOD communities all across the country. Since 2016 MOD has been part of the Generosity Feeds nationwide movement which has created over a million meals.

Just this year alone, we are on track to package over 400,000 meals for kids! These protein-rich meals created by volunteers are then distributed to schools and discreetly placed in a child’s backpack, ensuring they will have enough to eat during the weekend.

When we heard about the staggering statistics in Los Angeles, where nearly 67 percent of kids struggle with hunger, we decided to try something a little different and organized a Tackle Weekend Hunger event on October 6th. Along with the help of our community partners, we held four meal packing events simultaneously — three in Southern California and one in Houston, Texas. In just two hours, over 75,000 meals were packed by 1,300 volunteers for local at-risk kids.

Would you like to participate?

Our meal-packing events are still going strong for 2018, and you can join us! Here are some events coming up this year…

Nov 10, 2018 in Lexington, KY
Nov 11, 2018 in Sterling, VA
Nov 17, 2018 in Rockford, IL
Dec 1, 2018 in Raleigh, NC
Dec 2, 2018 in Spring, TX

Eat at MOD!

During the week of Thanksgiving, for every pizza sold, MOD will donate $1 to Generosity Feeds. One pizza equals a meal for a kid in need. Stop by any MOD location from Nov. 20-24 and pick up a pizza — your support will help the 1 in 5 kids in the United States struggling with hunger.

The more pizzas we make, the more meal-packing events we can organize, and the more children will get the nutrition they need.

We are grateful.

We are filled with gratitude for everyone who has volunteered their time during these special events to help at-risk kids. And, we are grateful to YOU for helping make it all happen just by eating MOD pizza. Thank you for being MOD – we’re excited to see what challenges we can tackle together next.

MOD on!

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