Our Purpose

MOD Exists To Serve People

Don’t get us wrong, we make some really amazing food. But pizza alone isn’t what makes MOD special. What truly sets us apart is the MOD Squad — the people who deliver authentic and inspired service to millions every year.
At MOD, we believe companies can and should be a force for good in the lives of the people they employ and the communities they serve. So that’s exactly what we’re doing. In every city, in every neighborhood, in every restaurant — our purpose is measured by the positive social impact we can make together.

Measuring Impact

MOD is committed to be the leading employer* for individuals facing barriers. We do this in 4 ways:

Working with partners to break down employment barriers

Building resilient mental and economic health

Providing access to career and wealth building programs

Joining our voice with others to improve equitable access

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Breaking Down Barriers

Putting people first starts with our hiring practices. We’re proud to provide jobs to people in our communities who face extraordinary challenges when it comes to finding employment. For example, more than 60% of formerly incarcerated individuals are unemployed one year after being released. And 85% of adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) do not have a paid job in their community. Through the MOD Opportunity Network, we’ve forged relationships with community nonprofit and business partners over the years to lead the way in inclusive hiring.
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of company-owned MOD stores have provided employment opportunities to individuals with **barriers to employment.
years MOD company-owned stores have employed individuals with justice involvement
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Beyond The First Step

The challenges facing individuals with barriers to employment don’t stop on the date they’re hired. Opportunity is only the beginning, and MOD is committed to providing resources for economic stability and mental health support. By offering stability, we're opening up doors for individuals to achieve their hopes and dreams. One such initiative is MOD’s Bridge Fund, a longtime grant program where MOD Squad assist each other when experiencing an unexpected crisis. To date, more than $2 million in grants have been provided as a bridge to stability for our Squad during hardships. And for those with criminal records, MOD is partnering with external legal experts to help seal or expunge their records for free at select locations, with plans to expand this program greatly in 2023.
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Investing In The Journey

You only get to take this journey once — why not make the most of it? When promoting, we look internally to create career pathways for the MOD Squad. While MOD may not be the last stop for many who join us, our commitment to mobility continues beyond our doors. Through the Journey Program, we provide career pathways and advancement to encourage wealth-building. Our partnership with Guild Education offers high school completion programs, college degrees, and multiple certificates in areas including IT, business communication, food and beverage management, and more — all at no cost to MOD Squad members in company-owned stores.
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Voices Working Together

We face many complex challenges in society today, and we believe businesses have a role to play in addressing them. Through the power of our voice, we’re speaking up with others to advocate for change. MOD is a proud member of the Workforce & Justice Alliance, a coalition of businesses committed to advancing systemic change in the justice system and removing workforce barriers for individuals with justice involvement. We are using MOD as our platform to help create a world that works for and includes everyone.

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*MOD refers to MOD Super Fast Pizza, LLC. Hiring practices and employment benefits are specific to MOD Super Fast Pizza, LLC.

** Barriers include justice involvement, having a disability, opportunity youth (ages 16-24 disconnected from work or school), history of substance abuse, having experienced homelessness, and no high school diploma or GED.