Since our founding in 2008, we’ve been a company-owned and operated restaurant brand. We’ve been busy growing, refining and testing our concept. Now that we’ve sunk our roots, established our culture and built our support infrastructure, we’re taking MOD on the road. While we accelerate the growth of our company stores, including opening multiple new markets, we’re inviting a select number of leaders in the restaurant industry to join us in bringing MOD to markets across the country.

Our Franchise Partnering Strategy

We are looking to partner with operators who know what it means to win in this industry. Operators with a track record of building strong teams and successful multi-unit restaurant organizations. More importantly, we want to align ourselves with operators who are committed to winning the right way. Once you learn more about MOD and our culture, you will understand why this is so important to us. We are aiming higher than simply opening more restaurants. While we love opening successful stores, our real motivation is to make a lasting impact on the lives of our team members.

Given the importance of our culture, we are not looking to build a traditional franchise system with a large network of partners. Instead, we would like to align ourselves with a small team of brand ambassadors that will strengthen our culture and help us build a better business than we could on our own.

And while the nature of our franchise partnering strategy is unique, we realize that the fundamentals matter. Therefore our franchise partners must possess strong business acumen, a conservative capital structure and a very strong bench of operating talent.

The Short List

To be considered for MOD Franchise Development:

  • Net worth: $5 million +
  • Liquid assets: $3 million +
  • Operations: Experienced multi-unit restaurateur dedicated only to MOD
  • Real estate: Experienced in restaurant/retail development in your market
  • Geography: We will advise you if the area you requested is still available

If there’s a fit, please inquire. We’ll get back in touch, normally within a few days.