Our Franchise Partners

At MOD, our aim is to make a lasting impact on the lives of our team members and customers. And while we love opening new stores, our real motivation is to be a positive force in the communities we serve. To that end, we own and operate most of our stores. But we’ve also been fortunate enough to collaborate with a select group of innovators who have a track record of building successful multi-unit restaurant organizations. Our partners possess strong business acumen, world-class operating talent, and substantial capital resources. They know what it takes to win in this industry, and are committed to winning the right way.

Our Approach

Given the importance of our culture and mission, we go about franchising a little differently. Rather than develop a large network of franchisees, we decided early on that a small network of partners would better accomplish our goals and create a more cohesive brand. We think of our partners more like a family than a group of franchisees, and we’re humbled by those who have already joined us. We’re confident that they strengthen our culture and help us build a better business than we could on our own.

Our Markets

If you’re in a State where MOD exists, chances are we already have a comprehensive plan to grow that entire state. If you’re in a state without a MOD, and you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll get back in touch as soon as possible, normally within a few days.

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