Tackling Weekend Hunger with 60,000 Meals

Boxes of meals from the event

Can you remember a time when you went hungry? For many children, that feeling is something they experience more often than not. In fact, nearly 67 percent of kids in LA and Orange counties struggle with hunger, especially on the weekends when school is out.

MOD exists to serve people by Spreading MODness – the ripple effect of simply doing the right thing. This purpose was brought to life in a big way last Saturday when we made progress on our goal of packaging 500,000 meals for hungry kids in 2018 with Generosity Feeds during three enormous “Tackle Weekend Hunger” events in Southern California.

Over 1,000 volunteers packaged 60,000 meals to benefit communities in Long Beach, North Hollywood, and Irvine. (Another 15,000 were packaged in Houston!) These meals will go straight to kids who need them through local backpack programs.

Amazon Treasure Truck volunteersHow do you deliver 60,000 meals after you’ve packed and stacked them in walls of boxes? That’s where the Amazon Treasure Truck comes in! Our friends over at the Treasure Truck worked with volunteers to deliver meals to local schools and community organizations after the event.

They also presented volunteers the opportunity to share messages of gratitude with interactive art, gave away swag through fun games, and made connections within their local community.

Would you like to attend a meal-packing event in your own community? It’s extremely rewarding to join with others and support the most vulnerable in your own neighborhood. But don’t take our word for it – watch what some of our volunteers had to say about Tackle Weekend Hunger.

You can find information about how to attend an event here or host an event if you want Generosity Feeds to come to your community.

We’re three-quarters of the way to our yearly meal-packing goal, and we can only do it with the help of dedicated volunteers stepping up to make a difference. A big MOD THANK YOU to everyone who joined us in Southern California!

Volunteers at the event

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