Spreading MODness 2016

Nov. 22-27 | $1 for every pizza donated to a local charity

At MOD, we want to be a platform to make a positive social impact. We do this through Spreading MODness, which is all about the ripple effect of doing the right thing. It’s simple. Someone does something selfless for someone else, both of them feel amazing, and their positive energy oozes out to everyone around them. At MOD, we can’t get enough of that and it all starts with our Squads.

All year round, we empowerthe MOD Squads to step in and make a difference in their communities – in both big and small ways. Then, every November, we use Spreading MODness Week to amplify the impact and give our Squads the chance to experience generosity first hand. Bonus – this week also happens to fall during Thanksgiving and MOD’s 8th birthday!

Tuesday, November 22nd through Sunday November 27th, all MOD locations will donate $1.00 for every MOD size pizza sold, to their local charity partner. We expect to donate over $250,000 this year to at-risk youth and families in need. We know when our people are at their best, they will pass that on to our customers. So swing by your local MOD and help us Spread MODness!

Watch this video and hear first-hand from our Squad and charity partners about how our MOD stores across the country are making a positive social impact.

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