Customize Your MOD Pizza

Finishing Touches

There are countless ways to get creative with your MOD order. You can double stack the crusts, set the tone with sauce and choose from endless delicious toppings. But the magic doesn’t stop with the oven. After your pizza masterpiece comes out there are countless combinations of swirls, herbs and spices to mix and match. Check out the possibilities and how to make the most of them!


BBQ swirl – A sweet and savory addition to the Mad Dog or instant BBQ chicken salad.

Pesto drizzle – It’s got that burst of basil and parmesan that makes our classic Maddy cheese pizza pop.

Hot buffalo sauce – Turn up the spice with our tangy buffalo sauce. Try it with a side of ranch!

Red sauce dollops – Sometimes it’s more fun to wear your red sauce on the outside. Post-oven dollops create cool and festive pools of tomato goodness.

Ranch – An oldie, but a goodie. Ranch adds a cool and creamy element whether it’s on the side or swirled on top.

Balsamic fig glaze – A MOD favorite. Try it on our Dillon James or Maddy for that distinctively sweet flavor.

Sri-rancha – Play hot and cold with a twist on the cult classic hot sauce. Add to the already spicy-hot Calexico or the meaty Mad Dog.

Arugula + herbs – While neither are on the official “finishing touches” list, both make great last-minute adds to brighten the flavors of your pizza.

Get your creative juices flowing and stop by your local MOD or order online today!

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