Spreading MODness 2017

Spreading MODness since 2008

Half a million meals. A million thanks.

Spreading MODness happens every day, in every MOD. It’s  the ripple effect of simply doing the right thing. Every year in November, we like to magnify the MODness, take it up a notch, to shine a light on the power and potential it has.  Sure it is also our 9th birthday, but at MOD we think there’s no better way to celebrate than to give back!

This time around, we’re partnering with Generosity Feeds to help us maximize the MODness. They’re an incredible organization that spends their days fighting the good fight to end childhood hunger. (We don’t really like fighting, but in this case, we just had to join in). Between November 21-26, $1 from every MOD-size pizza purchase will go toward helping feed kids in need.

What’s super cool is that every pizza you order and every pizza our Squad makes, equates to one meal for a child.

Generosity Feeds created these unique + nutritious meals that are compact and light enough for kids to carry home in their backpacks – which, by the way, is how they’ll receive them. Stealthy placed in their backpacks at school on Fridays, so they’ll have enough to eat over the weekend. We love the fact that it’s done on the DL so no kid has to potentially feel embarrassed about not having enough food at home. With their bellies full and nutritional needs met, kids can focus on just being kids.

Our goal is to provide half a million meals nation-wide. In order to do that, we are partnering with Generosity Feeds to host meal packing events in the communities we serve. The dollars we generate during Spreading MODness week will serve as the catalyst to inspire other businesses and community members (hey, that could be you!) to join us in packing over 10,000 meals in less than 2 hours.

That’s madness – no, that’s MODness!

We’ve already generated over 135,000 meals through our partnership with Generosity Feeds, and we hope that through these upcoming events our goal of half a million meals turns into much more. It’s truly the ripple effect in action.

Remember, simply by eating pizza this week, you are feeding kids in your community.

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing, check out spreadingmodness.com.


If we can help to lift up even a small percentage of these children, then we’re accomplishing our real goal at MOD – to use the business as a platform to make positive impacts in the communities we serve,” – Ally Svenson, co-founder of MOD Pizza.

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