MOD Tops List of Buzz Brands

At MOD, we want to do more than just make awesome pizza- we want to create memorable experiences for our guests! That’s why it means so much to us that we didn’t just make the list of Buzz Brands 2017 – we topped it!

What are Buzz Brands, you might ask? Well, according to Fishbowl (who compiled this list), they are “mid-sized restaurant chains that have retained many of their loyal early adopters, grown past emerging status and created a firm foothold in their segments.” That sounds a little formal, but …we’re really flattered by the description!  The coolest part – the scores were determined based on each brand’s social media ratings and the amount of “buzz” they receive. In other words, we have some pretty great fans out there who are saying a lot of nice stuff about us (and we appreciate it).

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If you want to read more about MOD’s ranking, check out Fishbowl’s Buzz Brands Report here.

Friends eating pizza

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