Meet Five of MOD’s Best Buddies

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, a major milestone in the path toward equal rights for the differently abled.

Since MOD started back in 2008, one of our guiding principles has been to provide meaningful employment opportunities to communities that are oftentimes overlooked – hiring people not based on their past or perceived limitations, but their potential.

MOD goes through 13,418,000 folded pizza boxes over a year. What if every box was folded by someone who needs a job and finds this work meaningful? What if we could change what it means to be “hireable” by building bridges to employment instead of putting up walls?

One such partnership helping us realize this goal is Best Buddies International, the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In honor of the ADA’s anniversary, we wanted to introduce you to five outstanding MOD Squadders that found us with the help of Best Buddies:

MOD Squadder Evan

Evan – California

According to Evan, “MOD Pizza is a great place and I highly, highly recommend it.” We couldn’t have said it better! Evan is the definition of a hard worker. He does everything at MOD from folding boxes to making pizzas and greeting our guests with the customary MOD “Hello!”

MOD Squadder Kelly

Kelly – Indiana

Wherever you need her, Kelly is there with a big smile. If the restaurant gets busy, she moves to the front line where she commands the dough press machine. A lull in the action? Kelly can be found checking on guests, clearing plates, and making certain that everyone has a great experience at MOD.

Her next goal is to learn how to make pizzas. She’s already busy studying her MOD classic pizza flash cards!

MOD Squadder Talisa

Talisa – Illinois

Born and raised in Chicago, Talisa came to Best Buddies and MOD with an interest in restaurant work. She is kind, diligent, and reflective. Talisa is also an artist who enjoys drawing, music, and movies. One of the things Talisa likes most about working at MOD is the chance to learn a large variety of tasks.

MOD Squadder Eric

Eric – California

Eric came to MOD with previous experience in the retail world and is absolutely loving getting experience in all different parts of the restaurant. He enjoys getting to use the cash register because he gets to talk directly to the customers. Eric told Best Buddies, “this job means a lot to me.”

MOD Squadder Jada

Jada – Illinois

Jada is from Chicago and has a strong background in community organizing and advocacy, particularly in the autism community. Jada uses digital media to foster her creative expression. At work, Jada appreciates the inclusive and supportive atmosphere among members of the MOD Squad and guests.

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