Spreading MODness

This is not a website. It's a mission.

Taking action.
Fighting Hunger.

We believe in using our pizza as a platform, making a difference for people in the communities we serve. It’s called Spreading MODness and every day brings another chance to put it into action.

MOD proudly continues our annual commitment to tackle food insecurity in communities across America. Because for us, it’s the right thing to do. One in five kids doesn’t know where their next meal is coming from, and many of our Squad members have experienced this firsthand.

Last November during Spreading MODness week, a portion of the proceeds from every pizza sold helped pack a meal for a child in need. Now our MOD Squad is helping to deliver those meals directly to their communities.

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Partnering with charities in our communities

We donate to and work with charities, including Generosity Feeds, that focus on childhood hunger. See who we have partnered with in your area.

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Our Flagship Store Takeover

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Spreading MODness

A journey through the years

Since 2008 we’ve been Spreading MODness, every day, in every store. It’s the ripple effect of doing the right thing. Every year in November we celebrate what makes MOD special. See how Spreading MODness Week has grown – just like MOD itself.

Spreading MODness 2013 logo


In 2013, in honor of MOD’s 5th anniversary, we decided to celebrate by giving our store Squads the ability to
choose a charity they wanted to support in their communities. As hoped, MOD Squads got to express their
gratitude — in a big way. Since then, our annual Spreading MODness campaign has become the embodiment of what we
do every day, in every store. Novembers are special to us because we shine the light on what is truly most
important at MOD — doing the right thing.

Spreading MODness 2014 logo


In 2014 to thank our MOD Squad (because they were the ones making the real impact) and to help customers better
understand Spreading MODness, we created the first specially designed Spreading MODness T-shirts and pizza
boxes. That year we donated to 26 local charities.

Spreading MODness 2015 logo


In 2015, one of our beloved MOD Squaders wrote a letter to our Founder, thanking him for the opportunity to work
at MOD. In the letter, he said how grateful he was to work for a company where the price of admission was to
just “do the right thing.” The definition of Spreading MODness was born…the ripple effect of doing the right
thing. We put it on T-shirts, stickers, and pizza boxes, and we still live by that definition every day, in
every store.

Spreading MODness 2016 logo


In 2016, MOD celebrated Spreading MODness by donating to over 160 non-profits in the communities we serve. It
was also the year we highlighted one of MOD’s 4G’s – Grit, Growth, Generosity & Gratitude. Our MOD motto
became “Gratitude with Attitude.”

Spreading MODness 2017 logo


In 2017, with close to 300 stores, it became clear we needed to focus our impact so we could magnify it. When we
realized 1 in 5 children in the U.S. struggled with hunger, we got busy to help solve this crisis. So we
celebrated MOD’s 9th birthday by donating all proceeds from Spreading MODness Week to Generosity Feeds. And over
the next year, we engaged 8,000 volunteers in 30 markets to create nearly a half-million meals across the U.S.

Spreading MODness 2018 logo


2018 was MOD’s 10th anniversary, and what had started as simply doing the right thing, Spreading MODness, had
become a movement. With the money raised through pizza sales, we were able to bring together over 10,000
volunteers and create over 600,000 meals. This effort brought our two-year partnership with Generosity Feeds to
over one million meals…and we’re still going!


During our Spreading MODness week in 2019, MOD donated a portion of every pizza sold to Generosity Feeds and
other food-focused charities. A big highlight was the “take over” of our Seattle flagship location, using a
giant neon sign to announce This Is Not A Pizza Place. As guests entered, they experienced an active
meal-packing event taking place.


We continue to partner with Generosity Feeds and new, local organizations that work directly with communities in
need. Stay tuned!