MOD Opportunity Network

Removing barriers together
Our inclusive hiring strategy offers fair and equitable employment opportunities. The MOD Opportunity Network (MOD O.N.) connects community nonprofits across the country to support job seekers with barriers, like individuals with justice involvement and individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.
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Building the Network

Opportunity and impact

We’ve worked with amazing community nonprofits over the years to provide access to employment opportunities. But as a national brand, there was no central hub to share information and scale our efforts — so we created MOD O.N. We’re on a mission to create connections and strengthen the support we offer for individuals with barriers to employment.

Our Partners

We can’t do this work alone. These are our inaugural community nonprofit partners:

Community Spotlight

Individuals with justice involvement

Did you know that nearly 80 million American adults (1 in 3) have some form of criminal record? Despite how common this is, people who are justice-involved face real barriers to obtaining employment opportunities. These individuals face stigmas and other challenges in the real world, from securing housing to acquiring a government-issued ID. But study after study has shown that steady employment is the key factor in preventing a return to crime, known as recidivism. At MOD we believe your past shouldn’t define you, and what matters most is what you do next.

Community Spotlight

Individuals with IDD

There are over 200 million individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the United States and 85% of adults with IDD don’t have a paid job in their community. At MOD, we recognize the unique contributions and abilities individuals with IDD bring to the workplace. Not only is inclusive hiring the right thing to do, it’s good for business. Individuals with IDD have lower turnover and absenteeism, and enhance overall employee morale and customer satisfaction.
Map of the US, with states shaded where our MOD O.N. Network is active or coming soon.

Our Road Map

Building for the future

MOD O.N. is currently active across 15 states and 39 cities. By 2024, our goal is to include community nonprofits partners in nearly all company-owned markets and inspire other businesses to join us in inclusive hiring. Together we’re committed to helping create a world that works for and includes everyone.

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