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Signing Up

Why should I download and install the MOD app?

For the love of MOD! And, because you can order ahead and skip the line, find your nearest MOD location, get special offers and (most importantly) earn points to get rewards!

How do I sign up for MOD Rewards?

Search "MOD Pizza" in the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). Download the app to your smartphone and create an account.

Can I sign up for MOD Rewards even if I don't want to download the MOD app?

Of course you can! Just create an account on and any time you order online you can earn points and/or redeem rewards.

Which locations are participating?

All U.S. locations except for Microsoft, Northwestern University, and DTW Airport!

Program Details

How does the MOD Rewards program work?

For every $1 you spend at MOD, you'll earn 1 point (alcohol or gift cards, tax, gratuities, delivery fees, promotional discounts, purchases made by redeeming your rewards, and purchases made through third-party meal delivery services are excluded from earning points ). When you collect 150 points, they'll automatically convert into a reward, good for a free MOD menu item (excluding alcohol and gift cards).

How do I earn points?

Easy! Just scan your smartphone at the register after you order. Or, you can scan your receipt's barcode up to 7 days after your purchase to collect your points. You've got options.

How do I scan my receipt?

Follow these simple steps! Open the MOD app, click on “Rewards”, click “Earn”, and then select “Scan Barcode”. Position your phone’s camera over the barcode located on the bottom of the receipt to start the scanning process. After the scan is successfully completed, you will see a message confirming the points added to your account.

How do I earn points for orders placed online or through the MOD app?

Go to or the MOD app to create an account and sign in. When you place an order online or through the MOD app, your points will be automatically be added to your account.

What menu items will earn me points?

You can earn points on any MOD menu item, except for alcohol.

How often can I earn points or enter receipts?

You can collect points for up to three transactions every 24 hours.

Can I earn points from my purchases through a 3rd party delivery service?

No. You only earn points when you order directly from MOD. In other words, it's just between us.

Do my points expire?

Unused points will expire 365 days after they're earned.

Do I earn points on promotional discounts?

No, any discounted, or free portion of your order will not earn you points.

Do I earn points when I purchase a MOD gift card?

No, but when you use your MOD gift card to make a purchase, you will earn points then.

Can I earn points on tip and taxes?

No. You earn points on the subtotal of your bill (excluding alcohol), but we'll round up the subtotal to the nearest whole number. So, if your subtotal is $15.01 you will earn 16 points.

How quickly after a purchase will I get my points?

Your points will be added to your account within 24 hours.

Rewards + Offers

How many points are needed to earn a reward?

After you earn 150 points, the points will be automatically be converted into a reward.

How quickly must I use my reward or special offer?

Rewards will expire after 60 days if they're not used. Occasionally, you will receive special offers - these will have their own unique expiration date listed.

How do I redeem a reward or special offer?

To use a reward for a pick-up, curbside or MOD delivery order, simply go through the online ordering process and select Apply for an available offer when making payment. The discount will then be visible in your order summary.

I just earned my first reward. How quickly can I use it?

After you complete the transaction that earned you 150 points, you can redeem the reward as soon as it shows up in your app.


The scanner didn't work. What should I do?

Take your receipt so you can scan the barcode with your phone or manually enter in the MOD Rewards code. You have up to 7 days after your purchase to do this.

I didn't have my phone with me during my purchase. What can I do?

Your receipt is your ticket to points. You can scan your receipt barcode anytime up to 7 days after your purchase and collect points.

I lost my MOD receipt. What should I do?

If you purchased in-store at MOD and didn't scan your smartphone at the register and you don't have your receipt, unfortunately, those points are now in the points graveyard.

How do I turn on push notifications for the MOD Rewards app?

On your iOS device, navigate to Settings and choose the MOD app from the list of apps, then choose "Notifications" and toggle "Allow Notifications" to green.
On your Android device, navigate to settings, then choose "Apps & notifications". Then select the MOD App from the list of apps, click "Notifications" and toggle the "Show notifications" to the right so the bar become green.

I've still got questions. What should I do?

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