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Individual, artisan-style pizzas, salads and more

Start with the size you want, then build from there. Sauces, cheese, dressing, meat, veggies – with over 30 toppings, it’s easy to make your perfect pizza or salad happen. Top it off with strips and a drink for a delicious meal.

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Get a MOD 11-inch Classic or create your own

The Classics Menu features our top 9 pizza combinations, and that’s a great way to start if you’re not sure what to get. Enjoy your Classic pizza as-is or change out toppings until it’s just right – the price never changes.

Create Your Own

Choose from over 30 craveable toppings to make your perfect pizza. Don’t love what you ordered? Let us know. We’re all about second chances.


Chef-Inspired Craves

Hot Off the Menu

When it comes to the MOD menu, we’re always mixing it up — from Flash MODs with special, limited-time ingredients, to brand-new flavors and returning fan faves. Check them out before they’re gone!

Big or Little Appetite?

There's more to choose from

Our 11-inch MOD is most commonly ordered, but we also have a Mini or Mega option. For bigger appetites, the Mega Dough is 11-inch, but it’s double the dough for a thick crust pizza. Perfect for smaller appetites is the 6-inch Mini.


Mod - 11" Pizza

(most commonly ordered)


Mini - 6" Pizza


Mega Dough
11'' thick crust


Get a Classic or Create Your Own

Our Classics Menu includes four favorite salad combinations – start here or create your own from the greens up. Either way you can add and subtract whatever toppings you like – the price stays the same.

Create Your Own

Start with romaine or mixed greens, then customize from there with over 30 toppings. Don’t love what you ordered? Let us know. We’re all about second chances.


Sides & Good Stuff

Choose From Savory Or Sweet (Or Both)

Need a treat or something extra to go with your pizza or salad? Go for our Cheesy Garlic Bread — which comes with your choice of dipping sauce — or our chocolatey, cream-filled No Name Cake.



Create Your Own Signature Pizza Or Salad

House-roasted vegetables. Fresh ingredients, all prepped daily to ensure the most vibrant flavors. We call it Affordably Artisan. And it costs one price no matter what you pick.


cal per 1 tbsp
  • bbq sauce 30
  • garlic rub 15
  • extra virgin olive oil 120
  • pesto 45
  • red sauce 5
  • white sauce 10


cal per ¼ c
  • asiago 110
  • dairy-free cheese 80
  • feta 70
  • gorgonzola 100
  • mozzarella 90
  • parmesan 130
  • ricotta 100

Veggies & Good Stuff

cal per ¼ c
  • artichokes 30
  • arugula 0
  • basil – fresh chopped 0
  • black olives 50
  • corn – roasted 45
  • croutons 60
  • chickpeas 50
  • cucumbers 10
  • garlic – chopped (per tbsp) 15
  • garlic – roasted 60
  • green bell peppers 5
  • jalapenos 5
  • mama lil's sweet hot peppas 50
  • mushrooms 0
  • oregano (per tsp) 0
  • pineapple 40
  • red onion 10
  • red peppers – roasted 15
  • romaine 0
  • rosemary – fresh chopped 10
  • sea salt (per tsp) 0
  • sea salt & pepper (per tsp) 0
  • spinach 0
  • mixed greens 5
  • tomatoes – sliced (5) 20
  • tomatoes – diced 10


cal per ¼ c
  • anchovies (6 ea.) 30
  • bacon 140
  • canadian bacon (5 slices) 50
  • grilled chicken 70
  • ground beef 210
  • mild sausage 240
  • pepperoni (5 slices) 50
  • salami (5 slices) 90
  • spicy chicken sausage 90
  • NEW plant-based Italian sausage 90

Finish It

cal per 1 tbsp
  • balsamic fig glaze 30
  • bbq swirl 30
  • hot buffalo sauce 0
  • Mike’s Hot Honey 70
  • pesto drizzle 45
  • ranch finish 50
  • red sauce dollops 5
  • sri-rancha sauce 35


cal (MOD-size)
  • original 490
  • gluten-friendly 710
  • cauliflower crust 590

We offer a gluten-friendly & cauliflower crust option (additional charge).

Since we prepare our food on one serving line, we cannot guarantee that any of our menu items are free of allergens or gluten, and none of our crust options are recommended for those with a gluten sensitivity.


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