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Supporting Our Squad

March 19, 2020

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread across the world, our stores and communities are being impacted in profound ways.

As we manage through the weeks and months ahead, our focus remains on ensuring each of our Squad members are feeling cared for and supported during these times of uncertainty. Balancing the short-term demands from the crisis, with the long-term need to keep MOD in the business of serving people, is the most difficult trade-off we have ever had to make. We know that what we are able to do now may not be perfect, but we hope it will provide some immediate and meaningful relief.

Today, we introduced the following relief benefits for Squads in our company-owned stores:

  • Emergency Relief Pay:
    MOD is offering each Squad member who has experienced lost hours during this time, up to 20 hours of emergency relief pay.
  • Health Benefits Assistance:
    Through April 2020, MOD is committed to covering premiums for Squad members who are enrolled in MOD Benefits, yet unable to cover their premiums due to a reduction in hours.
  • Enhanced Bridge Fund:
    For years, MOD’s Bridge Fund has been a financial assistance program where MODs help MODs in crisis. The Company is immediately allocating more resource to the Bridge Fund in order to provide additional support to our Squads.
  • Squad Free Meal Benefit:
    MOD exists to serve people and to feed people. For at least the next four weeks, in addition to the free meals we already provide for each working shift, we will now also offer a free meal each day to every Squad member and their immediate family.

It is at times like these that we need to come together to support each other. The weeks and months ahead will be challenging. There is no better time for MOD to live our values and do our best to find ways to serve people than today.

Update on Covid-19

March 16, 2020

As concerns about the spread of COVID-19 continue to grow, we are adjusting the way we serve our communities. These changes have been made to protect our customers and our MOD Squad, and to limit social interaction within our stores.

The following changes will go into effect Tuesday, March 17, 2020:

We are eliminating in-store dining, transitioning to take-out, pick-up, and delivery only
You can still come into the store to order, order by phone, our app, or a third-party delivery partner — but we are asking that you take your food with you once it is prepared.

We are introducing Superfast Grab&Go
A special area will be located near the front door so you can grab your online orders Superfast.

We are only accepting credit card payments on phone orders
In all company-owned locations, phone orders must be pre-paid over the phone to limit time spent in the store.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to adapt to the changing environment. As conditions arise, we may need to make further adjustments. We will continue to keep you updated, and make decisions that ensure the safety and well-being of our Squad and customers.

Actions We Are Taking Nationwide

March 10, 2020

Along with the rest of the world, MOD is closely monitoring the evolving situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we’re committed to being transparent about our actions and keeping you updated along the way.

The health and well-being of our Squads and the communities we serve is our top priority. Our dedicated food safety and operations teams are working closely with local health officials, and our stores are following recommended protocols to help keep our customers and Squad members safe.

With this in mind, all of our 480+ locations across the U.S. have already implemented the following steps:

  • Enhanced daily protocols which include cleaning all “touchpoints” – places where customers come in contact with surfaces – multiple times a day with an EPA-approved cleaner which is effective against COVID-19.
  • We have temporarily relocated our utensils (spoons, forks, knives, lids, mini plates) from the beverage station to behind the counter where they are available upon customer request.
  • Shared condiments such as Sriracha, oregano, salt and pepper shakers are also now behind the counter and are sanitized after each use.
  • Crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese single use packets are available upon request.
  • Our third-party delivery partner, DoorDash has shared public health guidance with all of their Dashers, guiding them to follow best practices advised by the CDC on staying healthy – including thorough hand washing, vehicle and hot bag cleaning and staying home if sick.

Most importantly, as our policy, we continue to make sure that our Squads stay home if they’re sick, and we offer a paid sick leave policy to all Squad members in our company-owned stores to make that easier for them.

We are continuously assessing the situation and working to make thoughtful decisions. We’ll move quickly to adapt appropriately as new information becomes available.

We continue to encourage our Squads to take care of themselves, one another and each of the local communities that we serve.