Making A Difference In Our Communities
MODlife #9: Career journeys at MOD

Dream Big And Enjoy The Journey

There are over 10,000 MOD Squad members and each of their career journeys is unique to them. For some, MOD is just a starting point — a place to learn and nurture skills before embarking down another fork in the road. For others, their journey expands at MOD with new opportunities to grow with us and serve our communities. MOD is what you make it.

This past year has made clear just how essential restaurant workers are to the fabric of our communities. We’ve also learned that although talent may be everywhere, opportunity is not, especially for those with barriers to employment. Whether a person is housing insecure, has been involved in the justice system, or is in recovery — everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive in a stable and supportive work environment.

The stories below highlight the career journeys of Tamica, Chris, Anne, and Vincent — just a few amazing members of the MOD Squad. Read for yourself how they have seized opportunities at MOD and made them their own.

Tamica - California

Tamica went from MOD Squad to General Manager in two years. She was quickly promoted to All-Star, a position that gave her the opportunity to travel around the country and help open new locations. Tamica said this is where her passion for the restaurant industry grew and was the experience that ultimately led to her becoming a General Manager of her very own MOD. “My growth at MOD didn’t come easy, but it has changed my life,” she said. “I remember a customer pulling me aside one busy night to tell me he wished that when he was young he had a manager like me. That was the best thing I could ever hear.”

Chris - Oregon

Chris went from MOD Squad to District Manager in four years. As someone who has experienced homelessness, Chris knows just how transformative a stable job can be. Through his career journey with MOD, he was able to secure housing and improve his financial situation. Chris has held various roles at MOD, from building pizzas on the line to managing his own location and now overseeing the operations of 10 locations. “My dream for the future is to continue to grow at MOD,” he said. “I want to impact more people and show them the opportunities that MOD has provided me, but also the opportunities they can provide for themselves.”

Anne - Virginia

Anne went from Assistant General Manager to District Manager in two and a half years. She has held jobs in the food service industry as a server, training manager, and kitchen manager before transitioning her career to banking. But the industry eventually called her back, and MOD was waiting to provide a space for exploration and growth in the industry she loves. For Anne, the best part of the job is watching Squad members she manages learn and grow themselves. “Watching their faces light up as they master new tasks and develop more confidence, that has been the most rewarding part of my job.”

Vincent - California

Vincent went from General Manager to District Manager in three years. After experiences in the criminal justice system, Vincent said he knew he needed to make a change for his young son. He began his second-chance journey at MOD, working his way up over the years to gain more responsibility. “I’m rewarded not only by being a father to my wonderful son, but with the joy of paying it forward and helping other Squad members reach stability and their own personal and career goals.”