Making A Difference In Our Communities
MODlife #7: Feeding and nourishing in 2020

Doubling Down To Tackle Hunger In 2020

In 2020, MOD doubled down on our commitment to feed and nourish those most vulnerable in our communities. We’ve worked hard to step up and take care of as many people as possible in spite of the heavy toll the pandemic has taken on the restaurant industry.

For us, this started with taking care of the MOD Squad. We expanded MOD’s employee meal program to ensure every member of the MOD Squad, working or not, could receive a meal when needed. It’s a simple philosophy: when we take care of the MOD Squad, they’re able to take care of their customers and communities. Here are some of the amazing ways the MOD Squad has been feeding and nourishing communities across the country.

MOD squad members at events to pack meal for children with food insecurities.

MOD + Generosity Feeds


With our long-term partner, Generosity Feeds, we’ve packed and distributed over a million meals for kids’ backpack programs over the past three years. Early in 2020, we hosted 3 packing events providing 30,000 meals for food insecure children. When COVID-19 hit, we had to cancel these planned community packing events but with a little ingenuity, we pivoted and shipped an additional 150,000 pre-packed meals so our stores could distribute them locally.

In addition, every time our MOD Rewards customers choose the “Pay It Forward” option in the MOD app, MOD donates $2 to Generosity Feeds. Thanks to our customers, MOD will be donating nearly $10,000 this year to tackle childhood hunger.

MOD Pizza boxes for delivery to those in need.

Project Purpose


When COVID-19 hit, local food banks and community-based organizations struggled to find ways to feed those in need. MOD’s “Project Purpose” is a collaboration between MOD, local governments, and non-profits to assist in feeding local communities. In one instance, MOD teamed up with DoorDash, the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County. Another partnership involved the City of Seattle and FareStart. In both situations, MOD provided pizzas and salads to help feed those without permanent shelter, people quarantined off-site, seniors, and individuals struggling with food insecurity. To date, MOD has provided over 10,000 meals and we’ll continue to provide more while there’s still a need.

Operation Hunger


Early this spring at the onset of the pandemic, MOD launched Operation Hunger. Our MOD Squad provided over 10,000 free pizzas to vulnerable populations and the amazing heroes who serve them. We delivered pizzas to hospital staff, fire stations, foster care centers, and homeless shelters. These special days of giving became known as our “Days of Love” and enabled us to express our gratitude during that challenging time.

MOD squad members holding a MOD pizza box from our Spreading MODness week.

Spreading MODness Week


Every November, MOD celebrates our birthday by shining a light on what matters most (hint, it’s not pizza). MOD exists to serve, and we do it through what we call “Spreading MODness” — the ripple effect of simply doing the right thing. As we celebrate our birthday each year, we also celebrate what makes us tick: giving back. For the past 7 years, we’ve focused on tackling the hunger crisis. This year, we went back to our roots by fundraising for over 47 local non-profits dedicated to tackling food insecurity. We’re proud that our efforts resulted in a donation of over $28,000 to these incredible organizations. Spreading MODness starts with our Squad, and the best gift to give them on MOD’s birthday is the gift of giving back.