Making A Difference In Our Communities
Edition #2 : Living our purpose and finding new ways to serve
A note from your MOD family

We take great inspiration from Mary Oliver’s poem. Over the years, we have been astonished by countless acts of kindness — we refer to them as “acts of MODness.”

We’ve been building this business with the intention to perpetuate as much MODness into our communities as possible. Unfortunately, this crisis has brought so many communities to their knees. Our co-founder Ally Svenson notes that “The devastation and suffering have been undeniably and sadly astonishing. But what we’ve been able to observe is that when communities truly pull together at a time of extreme need, there can be hope and positive impact.”

With this issue of MODlife, our aim is to provide hope and inspiration to the MOD communities we love and care for so much. In finding new ways to serve, we have also deepened our sense of gratitude for the many contributors who help make MOD what it is. Without our amazing MOD Squad, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve — MOD simply wouldn’t exist.

These may be dark days, but at MOD we are finding light in the realization of how connected we all are. And together, we can weather any storm. We are truly grateful for our ongoing opportunity to serve and the sense of community and connection we feel with each of you.

MOD on!
—The MOD Family

Operation Hunger

10,000 Meals For Those In Need

Since MOD was founded, we’ve been motivated by doing the right thing and inspiring our Squads. We’ve always had a special focus on serving vulnerable populations and they need our help now more than ever.

So on April 15, we connected thousands of our MOD Squadders across America in a shared purpose — Operation Hunger. Every MOD store donated pizzas to non-profits feeding those most of in need. In total, 10,000 meals were delivered. In a time when we’ve all felt disconnected, it truly was special to come together as a company and give our time and food to those who need it most.

Project Purpose

Partnering With Cities And Communities

Right now, local food banks and community-based organizations (CBOs) are struggling to keep up with demand. Food insecurity is an at all-time high, and these organizations aren’t receiving enough donations or volunteer help right now.

MOD’s Project Purpose is helping during these difficult times — sustaining our people, suppliers, and communities. We started by working with the City of San Jose who partnered with DoorDash to deliver the meals to CBOs across Santa Clara County. It’s ramping up fast — our 9 MOD stores in Santa Clara County have already supplied over 1,000 meals and we’re prepared to provide up to 30,000 hot meals if needed.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to find new ways to serve and use our platform for good. Beyond just feeding those in need, Project Purpose keeps local MOD Squads employed and our supply chain moving. Also, DoorDash is adding new drivers to keep up with delivery demand, which is a good example of the ripple effect resulting from this partnership. In addition, we have launched a version of Project Purpose in Seattle by partnering with FareStart, and we’re looking to expand these public-private partnerships across America.

Nourishing our Squads

Keeping Our Promise To Our People

In addition to feeding communities, MOD has always prioritized taking care of the MOD Squad. From the beginning, every member of the MOD Squad has been able to enjoy a free meal when working. During this crisis and in response to increased instability, we have extended the Squads’ ability to receive a free meal even when not working. This includes their family members as needed.

We have always believed that by taking good care of the MOD Squad, they’ll be able to take care of themselves, their customers, and their communities. It’s clear that by doing all we can to take care of each other, we’ll be able to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.