Making A Difference In Our Communities
MODLife #10: The MOD Journey Program

Supporting the MOD Squad through high school and beyond

Here at MOD, we’re a people place. And that starts with the MOD Squad.

We believe in giving people a fair chance, investing in development, and creating opportunity and community. Removing barriers to career development starts at the beginning, and that’s why the first Journey Program* initiative focuses on high school education.

MOD Scholars provides the opportunity to earn a high school diploma for free through a nationally accredited online program with our partner Penn Foster. Peer mentors help guide and encourage these scholars, and it’s working. One-quarter of the first MOD Scholars class have already earned their diplomas, with many more well on their way.

But we haven’t done it alone – our customers have been there every step of the way. Since 2016, a portion of every Maddy cheese pizza purchased has been set aside to invest back into the MOD Squad. The cumulative impact from sales of our ever-popular cheese pizza continues to make a positive difference in the lives of the MOD Squad and their ongoing development.

Jesse, Jessica, Jason and Elliot have all been touched by the Journey Program. Here’s what they have to say:

Photo of Jesse a graduate and employee at MOD


Graduate and General Manager in Washington

Jesse has been a General Manager at MOD for five years and is a recent MOD Scholars graduate. While continuing to work and support her three kids, she was able to earn a diploma in just a few short months. For Jesse, being an example for her children was the motivation behind participating in the program. “I always wanted to try and go back to school, but something else always felt more important or that my attention needed to be elsewhere,” she said. “Now I feel accomplished. I’m so excited for my next journey with college.”

Photo of Jessica a graduate and mentor at MOD


Graduate and General Manager in Texas

For Jessica, it’s all about family. As a role model to her siblings, she wanted to show them that even if you don’t succeed at first you should never give up on your dreams. She earned her high school diploma through the MOD Scholars program and couldn’t be happier. “My hopes and goals for the future are to be able to support my family and let whoever needs to hear it know that life keeps moving,” she said. “There is truly no timeline for accomplishing your goals.”

Photo of Jason a mentor and employee at MOD


Mentor and Sr. Manager of Asset Protection

Having a mentor in his own life has been pivotal to Jason’s development, so he jumped at the opportunity to help provide that same experience for someone else. Jason’s degree in education and passion for teaching others are his secret sauce. “Helping someone achieve a goal that may seem out of reach is both personally fulfilling and the right thing to do,” he said. “It’s the MOD thing to do.”

Photo of Elliot a mentor and employee at MOD


Mentor and General Manager in California

Elliot has been with MOD for five years and is a mentor in the Journey Program. What drew Elliot to MOD was the promise of working for a company that cares just as much about people as it does pizza. His advice to others who are considering becoming a mentor? Do it. “Go and make a difference for others. It will change your life and enrich not only those who you mentor, but yourself as well.”

* The Journey Program is a benefit offered to Squad members employed by MOD Super Fast Pizza, LLC.