Shining a light on our positive impact
Edition #1 : 2019 — A year in review

We’re on an amazing journey.

MOD exists to serve people. We use our platform to make a positive social impact and we do it in two ways — through feeding the community and hiring great people. We call it Spreading MODness®.

In 2019, MOD was selected to be on Fortune magazine’s Change the World list. It’s a tremendous honor for us. Here’s more of what we’re doing to improve the communities we serve and the world we live in.

Generosity Feeds

Creating meals for those in need

Nearly 1 in 5 kids struggle with hunger, and we’ve partnered for many years with Generosity Feeds to feed those most vulnerable. In 2019, we created 564,176 all-natural, healthy meals, hosting over 41 events and enlisting the help of over 10,000 volunteers. It’s truly a community affair. All across the country, MOD employees and local volunteers come together to pack meals in a fun, festive atmosphere. Our customers helped as well: By pressing a “Pay It Forward” button on the MOD Rewards® app, an additional 7,000 meals will be created  at future Generosity Feeds events. Since we began our partnership with Generosity Feeds, we’ve packed over 1 million meals. As MOD grows, we’ll continue partnering with Generosity Feeds, expanding it to new communities, and Spreading MODness to those who need it most.

Promoting Workplace Equality

Out & Equal and Best Buddies

MOD serves people, and serving our own Squad is first and foremost. We do this to create a world that works for, and includes, everyone. We believe it’s simply not enough to promote diversity and inclusion — we’re determined to create stores where people feel they belong. To demonstrate our allyship with the LGBTQ+ community, we partnered with Out & Equal, which provides us resources and tools to better support the growing number of Squad members who identify as LGBTQ+.

MOD’s policy of inclusive hiring also includes people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). To ensure we do it effectively, we’ve partnered with Best Buddies, an organization that creates opportunities for people with IDD. Currently, MOD employs over 300 wonderful and deserving MOD Squaders with IDD and they’ve added an enormous amount of positive spirit and energy to our business. To show our commitment to inclusion and belonging, we’ve donated $77,000 to these organizations to help them continue their missions.


Spreading MODness throughout the year

In addition to working with national organizations, local MOD stores support many others in their community. So all across the country and throughout the year, MOD Squaders and customers participate in a variety of events, fundraisers, and hands-on community outreach activities. In 2019, we were able to donate over $1.3 million to thousands of organizations. Now that’s what we call Spreading MODness!