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Q&A with Nicole

Tell us three things about yourself that no one else knows.
I come from a large family that consist of three sisters and three brothers-one of which is my twin. I grew up in San Francisco and this is the fourth state I have lived in. I have attended twelve schools, one of which was Hiram College where I had a college scholarship to play fast-pitch softball.

What is a quote you live by (and who said it)?
I believe that in order to succeed in life you need to take chances-no matter the outcome. Therefore, “never let yesterday’s disappointment, ruin tomorrows dreams” –anonymous, is a philosophy I believe in and live by. Keep your head up and keep going because if you stop to dwell on the past, you forget about what the future holds.

What makes your staff unique?
When it comes down to team selection, I wanted people that stood out from your “typical” crew. Aside from the normal attributes you find in other restaurants-when you come to Mod Vancouver you will remember the food, but mostly, you will leave remembering the team. Whether it be the spunky, carefree order taker, the high energy individual that cashed you out, or the insanely humorous teammate that handed you your pizza on the expo-you will leave Vancouver MOD with a memory, and that is what makes my team remarkable!:-)


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"My MOD is a Garlic rub, spinach, artichokes, roasted red peppers with an Asiago/Parm finish"

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