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Q&A with Cheryl

Tell us three things about yourself that no one else knows.
I play 5 music instruments, I grew up on a farm in Oregon, I showed and trained Morgan Horses

What sets your store apart? What do you love about your store?
My store is different than other MOD locations because I have mostly college students. I love my store because everyone is from a different place and I get to hear all their stories.

What was your first concert? What was the last show you went to?
My first concert was Iron Maiden when I was 10, and the last show I went to was Les Claypool at the Neptune.

What’s your favorite thing in the world (besides MOD)?
The great outdoors

What do you listen to when you want to kick back?
Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Etta Jones ( Lounge music)

Is there anything else we should know about you?
I’m a MOD pizza scientist!


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